LED display experience in the concert

LED display experience in the concert


In recent years, the use of LED display screens in the field of digital dance has become more and more extensive. The concert stage, TV stage, or New Year concerts, etc., led display is transparent, unobstructed, flexible and so on. It is used by designers to make the most of its effects.

For example, the new generation of King Jay Chou, who is hailed as the most memorable after 80 and 90, is not at all in the sales of the concert. The "strongest surface" concert cost is as high as 1.6 billion, creating a concert for the past years. The highest record is only one week after the stage is established. In the selection of led display screens, they selected LED shaped screens that have emerged in recent years.

In addition, with the increase of major commercial activities and the rise of LED display in the field of digital dance, it also led to the prosperity of the LED display rental industry. The LED rental display has light weight, simple structure and easy disassembly. Other advantages, to meet the rapid installation of the rental market, high protection, anti-collision and other characteristics, so the rental led display can be used in the major commercial scenes. It can be seen from the map of the stage field that the two sides of the stage are composed of four groups of four-sided screens of different sizes, and the middle is an LED screen composed of eight rectangular screens. In the use of the concert, the LED shaped screen wins with a unique three-dimensional sense. This new type of led display with a sense of planning and technology combines the virtual space with the scene to present a space of expressiveness and three-dimensionality. The created picture is delicate and expressive, and it has more impact than the actual scenery. It allows the audience to gain more sensory experience outside the performance, which in turn affects the psychological changes of the audience and gives the audience a sense of immersion.

Not only the stage effect, but also widely used in government squares, leisure squares, civilized squares, large cultural entertainment plazas, business centers, advertising information release cards, commercial streets, railway stations, airports, bus stations, passenger stations, subways, shopping malls , supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, educational institutions, banks, securities markets, auction houses, shopping centers, media centers and other places.

The style of the stage is diverse, but the LED display will definitely become the trend of this era. In today's rapid economic development, the digital dance market share is gradually expanding, enabling the LED display to be played in various large and medium-sized concerts and large-scale performances. Both have the most perfect effect. What kind of breakthrough will the led display have in the future? Let us wait and see!

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