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How to choose glass led screen?

How to choose glass LED screen?
Glass LED screen is now hot for window advertising,like retail,4S auto shops,building window,ect.The see through effect allow people see thought from outside,and sunlight will not be cut out by the LED display.Let's see how to choose glass LED screen?

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How to choose glass led display?

1,High brightness

If you want the Video or Photo AD seen in bright sunlight,please do not forget to choose a high brightness (>4500 nit) glass led display.

2,High transparency

Except the width of PCB,the thickness of PCB and structure thickness also count a lot for "transparency".While you may choose a glass LED display with slim width PCB,but with large thickness,the vertical transparency is also not good.

3,Easy maintainence

"Good quality" does not equal to "no maintainence".Choose the transparent LED display with easy maintainence is really important to save time and labor cost.

4,Adjustable module size

Clients always want their projects is an unique one.

For ADE Tech glass LED display,is not only with the above superiority:

  •  High brightness,
  •  High transparency with slim PCB and structure,
  •  Front easy maintainence,customized size for eacy project.

But also


  •  Extremely light weight,
  •  Easy installation.

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