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  • How to choose LED display?

    Indoor or Outdoor - Indoor Displays are to be used only for interior application. If the application is for a window display, then a super-bright indoor sign is needed or an outdoor one even if the sign is indoor.
    Viewing Distance - It is stated that for every pixel pitch of a character’s height the viewing distance increases by different

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  • What does these Parameters mean?

    ●PIXEL Pixel is short for pictureelement,is the minimum unit of each LED display available to be controled independently.Pixel is made up of red,green and blue(RGB) color base on three primary LED screen.Any color can appear after adjusting these 3 colors seperatly in theory.

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  • How to connect LED display with computer?

    How to connect computer,like PC,laptop or other device like camera ect, with LED display?This is not a difficult problem,now one photo to let you know how it goes.

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  • How to configue LED display by Novastar,NovaLCT and NovaStudio?

    3 Parts and 15 steps to teach you in details how to configue LED display by Novastar software,playing media(Image,video,ect) on your LED display!

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  • How to choose glass led screen?

    How to choose glass LED screen?
    Glass LED screen is now hot for window advertising,like retail,4S auto shops,building window,ect.The see through effect allow people see thought from outside,and sunlight will not be cut out by the LED display.Let's see how to choose glass LED screen?

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  • What is the main installation way for transparent LED wall?

    What is the main installation way for transparent LED wall?
    Thanks for your attention,please click here to know more about it.

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  • What shipping way should you choose for the LED screen?

    What shipping way should you choose for the LED screen?
    Different orders will be different,it depends on following factors.

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  • The greyscale of LED display screen

    LED display screen Grayscale refers to the color depth of brightness. When looking at the Parameters Table of led display screen, we always get the parameter value like 12-bit, 14-bit, 16-bit, etc. For digital display technology, Grayscale is the determining factor for the number of colors displayed. In general, the higher the gray level, the

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